A-Bomb and Us

Welcome to HiroshimaI

Iggy Aratani/A Member of Hiroshima Interpreters for Peace

@@@fIt was not necessary to use the A-bomb.It is not even between Pearl Harbor and the A-bombingf

How did you feel after you visited the Peace Memorial Museum ?
Ifm sure that you have realized the foolishness of a war and the value of peace.
At this opportunity, please correctly understand the following facts, which have been misunderstood for many years by many people. We do not intend to blame the United States in this campaign, but we really wish to transmit correctly the history.
(1) Why the United States dropped the A-Bomb in Japan?
It has been explained that gto terminate the war earlier to minimize the loss of human lives
of both sidesh. However, the United States did not need to use the A-Bomb to terminate the war.
(2) Most Americans believe that gThe United States dropped the A-Bomb. But Japan made the surprise attacked on Pearl Harbor and American soldiers were killed. It is even.h
This is not the right recognition.

(1) The reason that it was gnot necessary to use the A-Bombh
Japan might have surrendered without the use of the A-Bomb at the circumstance, and the United States knew Japanfs situation well. However, the U.S. President Truman strongly wanted to use the A-Bomb. At the end of the war, Japan had consider to surrender to the Allied Forces because Japan lost most of its forces, but Japan was concerned with the gcontinuance of the Emperor systemh. Therefore, the item of gcontinuance of the Emperor systemh was described in the draft of the gPotsdam Declarationh (recommendation of surrender to Japan) to lead Japan to surrender. But Truman had forced Japan to refuse it by (1) eliminating this item, (2) the deadline of the answer was not described, and (3) asked Stalin (Soviet Prime Minister) to postpone the answer which Japan was asking Soviet to mediate the peace negotiation.
Thus, Japanese Prime Minister Suzuki, who was waiting for a good answer from Stalin, commented that g Japan ignore the Declaration and will continue to fighth.
Truman intentionally understood this comment that gJapan refused ith, and he found the excuse to use the A-Bomb
Why Truman wanted to use the A-Bomb?
(a) His ideal scenario was gJapan surrendered by the A-Bombing, before the Soviet entered the war against Japan scheduled on August 8.h
(b) The A-Bombing would be an effective demonstration to gain the advantage over the Soviet.
(c) Confirmation of the power of the bomb which was developed using a huge budget and human power.
(2) It is not even between Pearl Harbor and the A-Bombing.
Surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan
(a) Japan limitedly attacked on the military facilities. (Number of death: 2,388)
(b) A surprise attack was one of the strategies. Although Japan intended to declare war before the attack, it failed by clumsiness of typewriting. On the other hand, the U.S.
@@knew that Japan was going to attack. This situation was described in the movie
gTora, Tora, Torah.
A-Bombing by the U.S.
(a) The purpose was g brutally killing the general public as much as possibleh. Even
though it was done to make Japan decide to surrender, it was a brutality.
(Number of death: 140,000 by the end of 1945)
(b) Since the U.S. airplanes frequently flew to Hiroshima without bombing, Hiroshima
citizens became to not fear the airplanes and not to take shelter. This was the strategy to increase the damages of people.

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